4 Indie Fashion Brands You Need To Know

Indie Fashion Brands


As you already might have noticed I’ve got a huge weakness for up-and-coming brands and  here are four indie fashion brands I can’t get enough of at the moment. All with a very feminine but yet minimalistic approach. Et voilà!


1.) Les Coyotes de Paris

My favourite: Les Coyotes de Paris is an Amsterdam based design studio founded by Marieke Meulendijks. Each collection is characterized by re-invented iconic shapes, twisted into modern silhouettes from masculine suiting to feminine wovens and intelligent outerwear. And prices are quite affordable <3

Indie Fashion Brands



2.) Bevza

Bevza is a Ukrainian womenswear label based in Kyiv with an minimalistic attitude, characterized by clean simple silhouettes and high quality.



3.) Paris Georgia

Paris Georgia is born out of designers Georgia Cherrie and Paris Mitchell’s need for everyday essentials in 2015 and the brand’s 90s slip dresses have quickly earned a cult-like status. But it’s still not so trend-forward that it will seem dated in a year.

Indie Fashion Brands



4.) Deitas

Deitas, which is the Latin word for divinity, was founded by Swedish designer Josephine Dahlin in 2016 and is known for its sleek silk piece and its new take on glamour.

Indie Fashion Brands