Apartment Martin in Paris by Pauline Borgia Studio

This is an apartment I would like to move into immediately. In the 10th arrondissement of Paris, Parisian interior designer Pauline Borgia of Pauline Borgia Studio designed a small, intimate home in a space of only 51qm2. This project used curves to reinvent space, sculpting them like clay in space to overcome existing constraints. By designing flexible lines, Borgia created a new volume that now houses a living room, two bedrooms and an office.

Apartment Martin is peppered with designer pieces – the living room features a vintage De Sede Terazza sofa along with a pink chair by Moustache Editions, a matching stool by Kartell Colonna, vintage pieces from the client’s collection and waxed concrete floors. The kitchen has a functional feel with a custom stainless steel bench and pastel cabinets. An organically shaped opening in the wall allows you to look through from the office to the bedroom. Muted berry and pastel tones dominate, making the home as cozy as a cocoon.

Moustache Bold Chair & Kartell Colonna Side Table

Pictures: Oracle Paris