Crazy Candy Colour Candles

Lots of crazy, twisted or pastel-coloured candles these days! Tell me, are you on board with this trend? Here are my five favourites!

Frau Gold

Silvia is actually a dancer and loves the create things with her hands. If you have a special colour concept for your wedding or any other event, she’s happy to make individual candles for you upon request.


Danish boutique Fabrek was launched by Ann-Sophie Ulka in April 2019 selling a wider range vintage items, posters, interiors and development bouquets – and now their own twisted candles.

Lex Pott

Lex Pott is probably the one who started this whole candle madness with his Pillar Candles for Hay. His latest design are the double end Twist Candles, in crazy pastel colours, using the flexibility of wax.


With their original shapes and extensive palette, HAY’s Candles aren’t just for burning – they can be used as decorative elements in themselves. Made in Italy, they come in twisted, or spiral variants in a wide range of colours.


Areaware’s Goober Candle is cast in unscented paraffin wax created by Talbot & Yoon in their Brooklyn studio. Each Goober has a distinctive shape and character which they retain even after burning !