New Accessories from HAY

I don’t know where to start – I just love everything from Hay’s new accessories collection. I tried to pick my favourites but see for yourself.

Inspired by the space where digital and physical forms meet, Wang & Söderström’s vases are unique sculptural objects that serve as miniature pieces of art. The vases are 3D printed and moulded in porcelain and stoneware at a ceramic factory.

The Sowden Kettle with its distinctively playful colour combinations is crafted in durable plastic and stainless steel and features a generously proportioned handle and easy-to-pour spout. Available in different colour options.

The Sowden Toaster is making a bold statement in any kitchen. Crafted in durable plastic and stainless steel, it features a browning dial to adjust the toasting level to perfection. Available in different colour options.

Here’s my favourite of the collection: the Neon Tube LED! I already ordered the warm white version. With its colourful glow the Neon Tube enables you to create an artistic atmosphere in any space by hanging it or leaving it standing upright against a wall. Available in yellow, warm white, pink, red and blue.

The Paper Paper Bin by Clara von Zweigbergk combines contrasting colours with a slanted folding technique to create a playful and colourful wastepaper bin that will brighten up any room. Made from FSC recycled paper, the Paper Paper Bin’s protective coating means it can be used for other kinds of waste disposal, as well as serving decorative and storage purposes.

The Colour Crates got some beautiful new colour versions: Arctic Blue, Teal and Tan.

The Bead Basket is handmade from hundreds of felt balls in Nepal using traditional craft methods. Available with or without handles in different designs and colours.

The Frottee Slippers are made in soft, thick cotton with an easy slip-on design, offering luxurious comfort when you’ve just come out of the bath or are just relaxing at home.

And last but not least – much love for the 3D printed and moulded ceramic sculptures by Wang & Söderstrom, inspired by the space where digital and physical forms meet.