Le Moulin, a Boutique Home to Rent in the French Countryside

Le Moulin

This wonderful place makes me dream of instantly leaving town and spending a weekend in the French countryside with a group of friends.

Nestled in the heart of the Perche Sarthois, 2 hours from Paris, Le Moulin is an exceptional place with unique and elegant interiors. Renovated by Marine Gabily and Lucas Madani – co-founder of the design and architecture studio Hauvette & Madani – it has been designed in a spirit of conviviality. An address imagined to welcome (plenty of) friends, to have fun, to disconnect and then start all over again.

Le Moulin consists of a large building, an outbuilding and a sheepfold consisting in a total of 4 spacious rooms, with carefully designed decoration and references.

Le Moulin possesses four bedrooms – two spacious, double bedrooms occupy the 1st floor of the main house.
Connected by an inner courtyard, two other spaces are available to visitors: The 70’s-inspired Suite, with its carpeted floor and second-hand Lita wall lamps has its own, private en-trance and bathroom. The Bergerie, composed of two levels, mixes styles: on the ground floor the Pierre Frey curtains, from Lucas’ grandmother, date from the 70’s and a shower wrap-ped in terrazzo and green tiles where a second-hand shell-shaped washbasin found locally by Marine takes pride of place. On the 1st floor the bedroom under the eaves offers a clear view over the countryside.

The vintage pieces were all found around in the region, the materials chosen are noble, the fabrics warm… and in the kitchen the raw materials, as well as the spices and sweets left by the guests, come from nearby artisans.

Standing in 2 hectares of lush countryside with a peaceful stream running through it, Le Moulin has for the last 3 centuries belonged to the historical he-ritage of a very preserved region, the Sarthe: here the trees are centuries old, the orchards rich in fruit and the countryside unfolds between fields and groves. Nature is king, luxury is without pretention and its authenticity has been highlighted by Marine and Lucas.

The ideal escape! 😉

Le Moulin

Lieu dit Belle Queue

72310 Cogners, France


+33 6 72 09 21 87