Discover Hotel Corazón: A Boutique Haven in the Tramuntana Mountains, Mallorca

Nestled between the charming villages of Deià and Sóller, Hotel Corazón is a newly opened boutique hotel offering a unique escape in the heart of the Tramuntana Mountains, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. This 15-room retreat is more than just a place to stay; it’s a blend of a working farm, an artisanal restaurant, a vibrant art space, and an eclectic shop.

The interior of Hotel Hotel Corazón is a bold mix of 70s retro, Wild West, and Space Age aesthetics. Expect round shapes, thick carpets, and plenty of textiles, creating a cozy, tactile environment free from harsh edges.

At Hotel Corazón, luxury and simplicity coexist harmoniously. Everything is custom-made using the finest island materials by local artisans. There are no televisions, only breathtaking views, fostering a connection with nature and a slower pace of life. The atmosphere is both luxurious and unpretentious, making it a perfect sanctuary for artists and free spirits.

The hotel offers a variety of activities, from workshops and sound baths to guided hikes and cooking classes. The environment is adorned with whimsical touches like egg-shaped showers and cloud-soft beds, enhancing the sense of wonder and creativity. Expect food that invigorates and energizes, turning every meal into a sensory experience.

Owned and run by artists Kate Bellm and Edgar Lopez, Hotel Corazón reflects their deep love for the Tramuntana region. They offer guests unique insights and experiences, from exploring hidden underwater caves to learning about local cacti.