Tuba Club Marseille starts its 4th Season with some New Developments

The Villa

Iconic, the former Diving Club Tuba in Marseille “Les Goudes” is pushing the breaststroke a little further this year. After a few seasons at the edge of the rock, Tuba grows and opens on its floors: Three new luxury suites, a living room to live and a Chef.fe table to share!

The new floor is rented to the room or the whole, the Mediterranean and dolphins for unique opposite. A large living room to solve the world’s problems, a private kitchen, the bar Bikini’s with its terrace. And still… the cabanon spirit, Sylvain Roucayrol’s seafood, the water front, the magic of the rocks and the Mediterranean. Just above the «cabanon» rooms, the restaurant and the emblematic rocks, a new territory emerges: a lounge, luxe suites, bar, two terraces and plunging views of the Mediterranean. The same sunny spirit, a relaxed yet inspiring luxury, ideal for letting go and disconnecting. 

At the entrance of the fishing village of Les Goudes, facing the sea: Tuba. Nestled in a historic building, it is a perfect hideout for friends with its restaurant and its terraces. A hotel in the 1940s known as the «Roches Blanches», then converted into a diving club frequented by the famed Jacques Mayol and his accomplice Falco, captain of Jacques Cousteau’s Calypso. 

Three years after dropping anchor, the Marseille duo Grégory Gassa and Fabrice Denizot, accompanied by Marion Mailaender, reconnect with the building’s history as a hotel and transform their hideout into a vacation home. 

The Cabanons

Discreetly nestled at the back of the salon, the kitchen is open to all hotel guests. It’s the perfect place to grab a cup of coffee, have breakfast, or host private events. 

And in this unique setting, Tuba will open its Chef’s Table: Chef Sylvain Roucayrol, originally from Perpignan, trained by Claude Bosi in London and by Izu Ani. He worked with the Experimental Group and then, headed Caché and Amagat, now declares his love for the se With regular guest chefs, unique collaborations and as always, the finest of wines and cocktails.

Tuba volume 4. it’s now!

Tuba Club, 2 – 4 bd,  Alexandre Delabre, 13008 Marseille, Les Goudes, +33 06 07 17 19 01, hello@tuba-club.com

Room price: starting at 220€ a night