Linck – Timeless, handcrafted ceramics

Linck Ceramics is a Swiss company producing ceramics, following a tradition of handmade manufacturing that strivves for perfection and timeless aesthetics. When Margrit Linck started producing pottery in the 1930s, she knew early on that the tradition of pottery needed a renewed impulse to respond to the desires of the modern age. She found her inspiration when travelling and becoming party of an emerging art scene with illustrous names such as Picasso, Giacometti and Braque.

Between the 1940s and 80s Margrit Linck created hundreds of ceramic objects – over time increasingly in white. She found a simple explanation for this.

«I love white – since the form is of utmost importance to me, it seems that the perfect form can only come in white.»

Since 2011 the company Linck Ceramics is alive in its third generation with Annet Berger as the owner. Until today Margrit Linck’s designs are produced in the Bern atelier, following traditional handmade manufacturing on potter’s wheels.

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