Parisian Eo Ipso Studio Launches A Collection of Table Lamps

The lighting in your home affects how you feel. Different light sources create a cozy atmosphere. Parisian design studio and consulting service Eo Ipso was created in 2019 by Nadia El Abany after a former career in fashion design and now presents now its first collection of table lamps, Bolet.

Two different versions are available: one plain and one with stripes, all in beautiful colours like Midnight Blue, Terracotta or Ivory. Bolet, with its mix of vibrant textures and straight forward lines, is a singular, joyful and modern take on a classical typology of lamp. All lamps are made in France. The soft light spread by its lampshade gives a graceful and sensual quality to its ceramic and raw brass sculptural base.

Tell me, which is your favourite?