The Swiss Secrets (3) – Julia Brandenberger of, Bern

After Virginie from Zurich and Victoria Steiner from Lucerne, today Julia Brandenberger tells us her favourite places in and around the Swiss capital Bern.

Together with her partner Dominic Dieckow, Julia owns her own boutique and online shop and our first tip: Clomes. “Clomes” stands for clothes and home and offers the nicest selection of young Swiss and international designers like the bags of Lara Kazis, Herbivore Botanicals Skincare, jewelry from Young Frankk or the beautiful straw bags from Abaca Ticao. If you can’t make it to their showroom (Muesmattstrasse 39) – everything can be ordered online.

The showroom


Julia, where do you live?
We live in Bern in a wonderful old two-family house.
It’s located in the district „Elfenau“.

The Swiss Secrets Bern

Coffee at Julia’s place

Three adjectives to describe your city?
Peaceful, cozy and beautiful.

The Swiss Secrets Bern

Grosser Muristalden

Where do you get the best coffee in town?
We have a great coffee machine at home and I love playing the barista. If we are in need of a good coffee while we are at work in our office in the Länggasse, we always go to Caffè Bar Sattler (Mittelstrasse 15). It is located in one of the most charming small houses in the quarter and the coffee is pretty much the best in town.

The Swiss Secrets Bern

The Swiss Secrets Bern

Caffè Bar Sattler

The best restaurant for a date night?
We love the Dampfzentrale (Marzilistrasse 47). It’s a relaxed and lovely location and they offer great food, of course.

The best place to grab a drink in the evening?
Volver (Rathausplatz 8)– located in the old town.

Your favourite boutique?
I think it is the Kitchener Boutique (Aarbergergasse 40). It belongs to Berne ever since (at least for me, since it was opened 1967, long before I was born). It’s the mother of all concept stores and with an ever-changing top-notch selection.

Your favourite online shop?
Ok… Since I shop at ch as well, I’d call ourself our favourite online shop. My aim is always to sell the things I’d like to keep for myself.

The Swiss Secrets Bern

A new store/restaurant/club in town we should know?
The Bar Ô Capitaine (Herzogstrasse 12) in the quarter „Breitsch“, opened about 6 months ago.

Your favourite beauty address?
Medusa Hair (Hotelgasse 8) for a good haircut and beauty products from Herbivore Botanicals, all natural/ green beauty (you can get the products in our shop as well).

Your favourite museum/gallery?
Museum für Kommunikation (Helvetiastrasse 16) – btw: they just renewed their exhibition.

Where do you take out-of-town friends?
Zehndermätteli (Reichenbachstrasse 161) for brunch is always a good idea. Or if we don’t have much time we take them for a coffee at Pläfe (Münsterplattform), to a small coffee bar called Einstein au jardin. Afterwards we go to the Aargauerstalden and walk to the Grosser Muristalden for the best view over the old town. And in summer we would probably take them to the river for a legendary „Aare Schwumm“.

The Swiss Secrets Bern

Einstein Au Jardin

Which hotel can you recommend?
Hotel Landhaus, perfectly situated in the old town and next to the Bärenpark or the tiniest Hotel Casita in the Länggasse quarter, with only one room.

Which Swiss person do you admire?
Roger Federer. 🎾

Which is your favourite Swiss product?
Linck Keramik, something for eternity.

The Swiss Secrets Bern

Linck Ceramic at Julia’s home

Who is your favourite Swiss designer?
To name only two: PAMB and Pauline from Jungle Folk. To be honest, there are plenty of Swiss designers I admire…

Your favourite Swiss author?
Not easy to decide. But let’s keep it in Bern: Pedro Lenz.

Which souvenir should I bring from your city?
Some ice cream from Gelateria di Berna, no joke. You can take their legendary ice cream home in a special box in which it stays cold for 2 hours. So you can get some real Bern-feelings whenever you need it. And an „Ängelibrot“ from the Ängelibeck. It is so yummy!

Where do you spend a day off?
We love to go to the Oeschinesee (Berner Oberland) or make a trip to the St. Petersinsel (Bielersee).

Hotel St.Petersinsel

The ONE tourist mistake one should not make?
Don’t dare to swim in our river „Aare“ on your own. It looks so easy but the river is very powerful and dangerous. Always ask a local to go with you.

Tell us a secret!
On Saturday you should go to the Farmer’s Market in the Münstergasse, to Jumi and buy a Belper Knolle (cheese) and some RariWar & Heilige Pesche (dried meat). Also a lot of secrets are hidden in the beautiful caves of the old town. There are restaurants, shops and even dance schools.

-Merci, Julia!-

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