A Melbourne House by Folk Architects

Today I’m loving this family home by Folk Architects in Storybook House, an extension of a single-fronted Victorian Terrace within Melbourne’s inner-north. Storybook House is a study of inner city living. Folk Architect’s approach was to pack as much as possible into a small building footprint, with no single plane or surface underutilised. They created a functional family home with a series of multi-use spaces.

The building is curated to frame views into a series of open garden spaces – including internal courtyards, a roof garden. Clever tweaks help to create the perception of a larger volume with ceiling heights, mezzanine levels, active circulation spaces concealing a laundry, services and kitchen, and storage under an in-built sofa.

The materials are neutral in tone and texture. White and cream terracotta tiles support its clarity and perceived volume.

Via Yellowtrace