An Intimate Art Gallery: Amélie Maison d’Art

Paris based Amélie Maison d’art was founded by Amélie du Chalard, daughter of an artist. Besides her job in banking business, she was spending her free time in shows, art fairs and galleries, where she met a lot of artists. Soon she became “the eye” of her entourage, helping friends and relatives finding the artworks they were looking for.

She decided to start a contemporary art gallery with an innovative concept. Her gallery is an intimate space, allowing visitors to imagine themselves living in real time with the objects on display, which makes buying art a little less intimidating.

Amélie Maison d’art also offers personalized service, support and advice with simulations on the customer’s walls and customized framing.

And you don’t need to travel to Paris, all artworks can be purchased online. You will also get some advice during the process of purchase – first you choose the space you’d like to decorate, then you select your favourite artworks to help them understand your preferences, then you choose your budget and upload a picture of your interior and you’ll receive your very own proposal.