New Furniture I Saw and Liked




The Rose Chair is the newest member to the Massproductions family. Designer Chris Martin wanted to work with solely layered wood, challenging both the material and the available industrial production technology. With the help of large-scale 3D printing, various life size prototypes were created. I really love the result, which is named after Martin’s daughter Rose (other products in the Massproductions collection have been named after children of the co-founders before) and will be available in four wood finishes: Black Stained Oak, Walnut, Maple, and a fourth color that is yet to be determined by Rose, Chris Martin’s daughter, herself. Aww.



Aesthek’s new Apartment Side Table is characterized by simple yet precise lines and a clever play of shapes and perspectives: Depending on angle, the table is either slight and delicate or striking and eye-catching. Made of powder coated steel and available in multiple colours.



Australian brand Resident wows me with their Volley Chair Swivel, a playful lounge chair with a robust swivel pedestal base which allows for 360 degress of rotation. Available in multiple colours, my favourite is the pink version 🙂 (of course)



Grace is a new serving trolley designed by Sebastian Herkner inspired by 1950s architecture. Its sheer elegance makes it a statement piece. The frame is made of powder-coated metal in black, night blue (so beautiful – my favourite!) or rosewood, and topped with a glass shelf back-painted in the colour of the trolley.



The Mimic Mirror brings new perspectives to the traditional table mirror by having a sculptural expression, making it both an object of decoration and use. It’s made of resin with a soft coating and available in three colours. The design features with repetitions throughout, seen with the graphic, triangular pattern on its back along with the reflection of its front glass and sculpted facets of the base.