On my radar #45


1.) This is the next big thing from France, ladies! I stumbled upon young Parisian fashion brand Aurore van Milhem on Instagram and instantly fell in love with the timeless poetry clothes made to order by Mélanie Pothron. <3


2.) My second Instagram find: interior blogger Selina Lauck! It’s her home where I spotted this beautiful print by Gurilla Artstudio and now I’m in love with both. 



3.) You got to stay strong now: the scrunchie is officially back. Have a gander at Copenhagen-based designer Line Sander Johansen and Comfort Objects, her collection of repurposed silk scrunchies. I bet you’ll instantly change your mind about this unloved 80s hair accessory. Maybe you should start with wearing it around your wrist 😉



4.) How good is the styling of this 40sq meters apartment by Lera Brumina, an interior designer living in Minsk, Belarus? Muuto’s Oslo Sofa, Hay’s Slit Table and a vintage oriental carpet are such a great team! Find more of Brumina’s work here.