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Melo Studio Ash Wood

Melo is handcrafted minimalism. The design studio is based in Dalarna, Sweden, combining humble aesthetics that remove all the unnecessary details with quality craftsmanship. The aim is to create a modest look, enabling the products to blend in to the environment their customers want.

Their signature material is Ash wood. The clean and soft shapes aim to give their furniture a calm and elegant appearance. Ash is a living material with natural variations in pattern, shine and grain; meaning that each piece of furniture is entirely unique. Ash wood changes with the seasons. It shrinks in dry air and swells in humid conditions.




Their latest addition is the Ceramics Sand collection – the first collection not being made in ash wood. But Melo’s minimalistic design idíom is still visible with a soft form. Each product is also handmade in Dalarna by the talented potter Ida Svärström.

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