Swiss Ceramic Label A- Matter-Of Launches Colour Collection

I’m so proud of my former flat mate Julia! Together with her husband Nicola Bazzini, Julia started her ceramic label A-Matter-of in 2020. A-Matter-of presents a refined range of thoughtfully designed ceramics, made to complement every tablescape. Every morning I drink my coffee from their cups, which are so soft and pleasant to hold. Now the essential, sleek design of their first series has been enhanced by four beautiful new colours: light yellow, soft rose, pale blue and cloudy grey!

The cups of the coloured edition are made of the highest quality porcelain that has been dyed with pigments to achieve an increased depth of colour. They are unglazed and are polished by hand several times for a soft feel. Little imperfections are part of the beauty and uniqueness of each object and remind us to appreciate diversity.

All items are made of unglazed pigmented porcelain, dishwasher safe and handmade in Switzerland.