Travel: Les Toquées – A Six Room Guesthouse in Lille, France

The Lille residence Les Toquées houses six guest rooms above the restaurant of the same name. The interior designers of En Bande Organisée and Pollux studio took their inspiration from the region and its past, the house and its location on the banks of the Deule to tell a unique story in each of the six rooms and give them a unique identity.

Their interior is paying tribute to the big bad North with brick elements, dark colours, linen, marble and light-coloured wood flooring.

Comfort Double Room “Terre Battue”

Spacious room for 1 to 2 people in reference to the Brique du Nord. A nod to the Roland Garros tennis tournament where the clay is made in Villeneuve-d’Ascq. Bedroom and bathroom fully equipped. This one benefits from a very comfortable bathtub and a large sized bed.

Appartement Suite “Bois Blancs”

This Apartment – Suite Grand Confort – is for 1 to 4 persons with two large rooms. Designed in reference to the Bois Blanc area, the suite is decorated around white and linen. It has a fully equipped kitchen, a queen-size bed, a living room with a sofa bed and a bathroom with a comfortable bathtub.

Comfort Double Room “Iles des marécages”

This room refers to the ancient marshes that once proliferated in the city of Lille. In reference to this distant past, the room is decorated in green.

Comfort Double Room “Gueules Noires”

The “Black Mouth” room is designed in reference to the miners who went down to the mine and came back up with their bodies covered in coal. Different shades of black to highlight the subtlety of this colour.

Chambre Double Confort “Deule Tranquille”

This room refers to the Lille street market and is decorated with antiques from the 1950s. This one benefits from a very comfortable Italian shower and a large sized bed.

Chambre Double Confort “Terre du Nord”

This is a spacious room in reference to the North Sea and Land in shades of brown and dark blue featuring a very nice bathtub!

Les Toquées
110 Quai Gery Legrand
5900 Lille
Phone +33 3 20 92 03 21