Travel: La Reine Jane, Hyères, France

La Reine Jane

Located on the small port of the Ayguade in Hyères in a building from the 1950s, boutique hotel La Reine Jane got a make-over in 2017. Owners Lisa and David Pierone have worked their magic on it – the hotel now comprises three areas: 14 rooms, a bistro and a huge roof terrace. While the façade is white, the logo and the sky are blue: inside it’s very different.

Each of its 14 rooms is designed by a renowned designer or designstudios (like François Azembourg, Antoine Boudin,  Thomas Defour & Antoine Grulier,  Jean-Baptiste Fastrez or Inga Sempé just to mention a view) with the task to visualize their vision of the Méditerranée.

La Reine JaneLa Reine Jane


Oh how I’d love to wake up in Chambre 8 designed by Inga Sempé… La Reine Jane La Reine JaneLa Reine JaneLa Reine Jane











La Reine Jane
Le Port de L’Ayguade
1 Quai des Cormorans
83400 Hyeres
Phone 04 94 66 32 64