Travel: Hotel Voltaire, Arles

The up-and-coming city of Arles in the South of France has become a Mecca for art lovers from all over the world over the past few years. If you can’t afford to buy art, you still can afford to spend some nights in Arles, at Hotel Voltaire for example.

This new address is located in the city center with its white and ochre sixties façade that has been renovated by architect Eloïse Bosredon and the Bazar.cie collective. There’s a huge terrace outside where you can enjoy drinks and a cool restaurant on the ground floor with terrazzo tables and shades of “Voltaire” red in a unique setting created by the interior designer Héloïse Bosredon. Bedrooms are stylish but simple, which refers to the idea that Hotel Voltaire is more of a restaurant with rooms than a hotel with a restaurant. Owner Louis-Paul Desanges has put the focus on accessibility in terms of price (rooms start at 69 EUR), integration into the square and the trans-generational aspect.

Hotel Voltaire
1 Place Voltaire
13200 Arles
Phone: +334 90 96 49 18