Volkshaus Basel Hotel welcomes first guests

Volkshaus Basel
Volkshaus Basel

The Volkshaus Basel is the place to be for people interested in encounters, enjoyment, architecture, art and culture in the heart of Basel and is now being extended by a new boutique hotel. The pre-opening phase starts by the end of November 2020, rooms can be already booked by individual guests. Herzog & de Meuron has refurbished the building’s historical substance with great sensitivity and interpreted it in a modern way. With its 45 rooms and suites the Volkshaus Basel is the epitome of a new simplicity without losing its comfort and elegance.

Opposite the bar is the new hotel lobby – a piece of art in itself. It is designed to be the “negative” of the bar – an uneven copy with an inverse color concept. The handcrafted mosaic floor is black and green here, the walls above the panels and the ceiling are kept in white.

Bartha’s Basel gallery will implement an offsite concept of the gallery in the spacious room and exclusively present large-format art positions four to five times a year. The first piece of art that will be shown here was created by the famous French sculptor and conceptual artist Bernar Venet – a powerful steel sculpture.

The hotel rooms are entered through deep wall units made of black-stained oak, which act as a storage space and house toilet and shower at the same time. Black and dark green glazed ceramic tiles underline a feeling of security. Towards the room, this piece of wall disappears behind soft, thick curtains in a washed-out shade of green to separate the sleeping area from the entrance area. The interiors are cozy and homely with lounge chairs designed exclusively by Herzog & de Meuron, earthy colours and dark terrazzo floors. The bedheads are made of oak slats referring to the benches in the Volkshaus beer garden. The walls are covered with etchings from the 17th century that have been transferred to wallpaper.

Time for a break from Covid-19?

During the preview phase from 27 November 2020 to the end of February 2021, interested parties will have the opportunity to explore the new boutique hotel in a private atmosphere. During the mini-lockdown in Basel-City and until Christmas hotel rooms can only be booked on the Advent weekends of 4 – 6 December 2020, 11 – 13 December 2020 and 18 – 20 December 2020. Hotel guests will be able to enjoy the exclusive delicacies of the Brasserie on Friday and Saturday evenings. The offer is for all those who are longing for a change of scenery in these extraordinary times, without having to worry about closed borders, long journeys or queues at check-in.

The Volkshaus Classic Rooms and Suites can be booked with immediate effect exclusively by e-mail and telephone on the previously mentioned dates and from January 2021 from Tuesday to Saturday. The public online booking channels will remain closed for the time being. In order to ensure the safety and comfort of the guests and to guarantee an exclusive and individually designed stay, certain arrival and check-in restrictions are planned. In addition, the right to refuse or postpone requests is reserved. In addition to the possibility of using the room for a longer period of time (“late check-out”), a small, fine breakfast “at the room door” is also included in the room price; of course there is also a short, personal introduction to the concept of the house.

Volkshaus Basel
Rebgasse 12 – 14
Postfach 603
4058 Basel
Phone +41 61 690 93 00

Pictures: Robert Rieger