Trendwatch: Mirrored Cube Tables

The mirrored cube is really having its moment. Not only as a side table but as a glamorous and playful add-on with lovely reflections. Here we go:

A mirror in front of a mirror! How smart! Via Hannasroom.


Looks like you’ve got a looot of vases. In fact there are only three. Via Sincerely Tommy.


Curtains up! For this nice reflection. Via Clarisse Demory.


If you are a fusspot like me: make sure your mirrored cube is placed in a right angle on floors like this (or the whole reflection thing wild drive you crazy). Via Fantastic Frank.


This is a beautiful couple. So is their cube. Via The Socialite Family.


PS: Just in case you now might feel the urge to get yourself a mirrored cube: I bought mine at La Redoute.